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Homeopathic Consultation - 30 min

Homeopathic Consultation - 30 min

In this enchanting first encounter, the consultation aims to thoroughly explore every facet of your being. This session is not merely a case intake; it is a shared expedition, looking beyond the superficial and delving into the deep layers of your health.

What We Cover in the Consultation

  • Overall Health Status: We begin with an overview of your physical health history to understand your body's evolution and its responses over time.
  • Lifestyle: We examine your daily life, from activities to sleep patterns, to assess the lifestyle impacts on your overall health.
  • Family History: We look into your family's past to identify patterns and genetic predispositions that may affect your current health.
  • Psycho-Emotional: We explore the psycho-emotional aspects, investigating how your emotions and thoughts influence your inner balance and wellbeing.
  • Spiritual Dimension: We turn our attention to your spiritual sphere, seeking connections between your spiritual state and physical and mental health.
  • Nutrition: We review your dietary habits and nutritional choices, considering how nourishing your body contributes to your health's balance or imbalance.
  • Exploring the Deep Causes: Quantum and Biological Dimensions of Disease

In our quest for truth beyond the surface, we delve into the essence of diseases, understanding that their roots are both subtle and tangible. On this voyage of discovery, we carefully explore the quantum and biological causes of diseases, striving to illuminate the darkest corners of your health condition.

What You Get

  • 1:1 initial session with Dr. Olivia - 30 minutes

In which we approach:
Quantum Homeopathy
Nutritional Science
Integrative & Functional Medicine

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For social cases, a discount between 10%-100% is applied.

  • Valid for 3 months
  • Cuantic approach
  • Guided Healing
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