Dr. Olivia Breaban Lugojan Ghenciu

Specialist in Neuroendocrinology, Homeopathy, and Herbology

Dr. Olivia Breaban Lugojan Ghenciu is a physician, mother, healer, and therapist, as well as a second-generation homeopath. With a diverse education and an international career, she brings a unique set of knowledge and skills to the field of health.

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  • Graduate of homeopathy programs in London, New York, Canada, and Greece.
  • Harvard graduate specializing in Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases, Genetics and Cancer, Higher Teaching, Biochemistry, Immunity and Vaccination, as well as a postgraduate specialization in Neuroscience.
  • Currently a student in the Neuroscience program.
  • Graduate of ROOT Cause Integrative Medicine


  • Specialized in Neuroendocrinology and Holistic Homeopathy, as well as Classical Unicist Homeopathy.
  • Experience in herbology, naturopathy, and phytotherapy, with a focus on pediatric and women's integrative medicine.
  • Graduate of the Scientific Nutrition and Child Development program at Stanford.
  • Graduate of the Health Management program at Yale.
  • Student in the Functional & Integrative Medicine program - Dr. Aviva Romm, USA.
  • Student in the NeurochangeSolutions & INNERscience program, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Women's Health Specializations

  • Women's health restoration.
  • Fertility restoration.
  • Holistic medicine for pregnancy, mother, and baby.

My Journey Becoming a Doctor

Growing up in a small town filled with curiosity, I never expected my life to revolve around medicine. Inspired by my grandmother's stories as a pedagog and Red Cross assistant, I developed a passion for making a difference in people's lives.

Fascinated by biology and science in school, I chose to pursue medicine, guided by supportive teachers and parents. Engaging in extracurricular activities during high school, such as volunteering in hospitals and community programs, reinforced my belief that medicine is more than just a profession; it's a calling to help others.Despite the challenges of medical school admissions, I persevered, driven by a sense of responsibility and gratitude.

Today, as a doctor, I find fulfillment in bringing comfort and healing to those in need.In summary, my journey to becoming a doctor has been one of sacrifice, learning, and personal growth. I am committed to continuing to contribute to the well-being of my community.

A Journey Inspired by My Mother, a Homeopath

Guided by my mother's nurturing care and love for holistic health, I delved into the captivating realm of medicine from a young age. Growing up, I learned that true well-being encompasses the intricate balance of body, mind, and spirit, nurtured by the principles of homeopathy instilled by my mother.

In high school, supported by her, I explored the diverse landscape of medical sciences, bridging conventional and integrative approaches. This journey continued into medical school, where I embraced a blend of traditional and holistic healing.

Today, as a doctor, I strive to merge the best of both worlds, honoring my mother's influence and dedicating myself to holistic patient care.

More about my story

The Harmony of Change: From Medicine to Music and Back Again

In my third year of medical studies, I made a bold decision - to pursue my passion for music. Stepping into the world of sound art and musical notes, I discovered another facet of creativity and self-expression that deeply captivated me. This journey led me even to the Conservatory, where I continued to explore and learn the subtleties of the musical world.

However, the first year in this new direction was marked by a profound realization. Encountering so many sick people around me, I felt increasingly connected to the calling of helping and contributing to the health of others. This realization made me reconsider my choice and reflect on the importance of completing my medical studies.

So, with an open heart and stronger conviction, I decided to return to medicine and finish my studies. It was a return to my initial roots, but with a matured vision and increased appreciation for the complexity and importance of the medical profession.

Today, I merge the two worlds - medicine and music - harmoniously. Medicine fulfills me as a profession dedicated to caring for others, and music remains an integral part of my life, bringing balance and inspiration every day. My journey reflects the harmony of changes and our ability to redefine ourselves in pursuit of our true potential.

Exploring the Light of Neuroendocrinology: A Journey in the UK

With my medical degree in hand and a heart full of desire to explore new horizons, I chose to begin my residency career in the United Kingdom. This decision was a crucial step in my journey, opening doors to knowledge, experiences, and a growing passion for a fascinating branch of medicine - neuroendocrinology.

During my residency, I was drawn like a magnet to the complexity of connections between the nervous system and the endocrine system. It was as if each medical case represented a captivating puzzle, and neuroendocrinology provided me with the tools to understand how our thoughts and emotions can influence the body's biochemistry and, consequently, our health.

I found that neuroendocrinology is not just a science but a meaningful story of how our minds and bodies communicate in a subtle dance. The impact of emotions and thoughts on the body's biochemistry is a fascinating terrain, and the continuous learning and solving of complicated cases inspire me every day.

This journey into neuroendocrinology is not just a medical specialty for me, but a passion in which I dedicate every day to understanding and shedding light on the profound connections between mind and body. In each case, I see an opportunity to bring more clarity to this subtle connection and to provide personalized care, considering not only the physical aspects but also the emotional and mental aspects of my patients.

Understanding that each patient is a unique story, I am continuously dedicated to this quest to contribute to the health and well-being of every individual.

Rediscovering Motherhood in My Homeopathic Journey

When I became a mother, my universe shifted in a profound and irreversible way. In those crucial moments, as my child's life began to unfold, I felt an inner calling, a call to become the mother I myself felt was missing in key moments of my life.

First and foremost, I realized that not only my body but also my soul needed care and attention. I felt the need to provide support, love, affection, and everything warm and necessary in the crucial moments of my child's growth. This deep reflection brought me into contact with my own past lack - the absence of maternal support in key moments of my life.

When I experienced my child's fever for the first time, I cried, but those tears were accompanied by inner peace because I trusted my own maternal instinct. With every challenge, every moment of stress and joy, I discovered that I could offer what I did not have - an authentic presence, deep understanding, and unconditional love.

Thus began what I call the "Mother's Homeopathic Journey." I learned that motherhood does not come with an instruction manual but with a strong inner guide - intuition. That reassuring voice inside that tells you what is best for your child. It became for me a subtle dance between the homeopathic knowledge I have accumulated and the inherent ability to connect with my child's essential needs.

Today, my mission in medicine and homeopathy includes not only physical healing but also creating a safe space for parents and children, where intuition is respected, and love is the primary guide. In this journey, I have found the balance between the experience of motherhood and homeopathic knowledge, thus offering support and care with a warm and open heart.

Our Healing Journey: A Story of Personal Transformation

Before becoming a family, there was me - a person in search of balance and harmony. Then, with the addition of my husband and our adorable little daughter, we embarked on a collective journey, where each of us became a companion in the healing process.

I came to understand that healing is not just about medications or traditional medical consultations. While these can offer significant support, I realized that true healing comes from a profound transformation of ourselves. I discovered that our family tree and epigenetic imprint can be seen as resources for healing, not just limiting factors.

People began to see that to heal, we must go beyond the surface of symptoms and explore the roots of guilt, pain, or fear passed down through generations. This deep exploration and acceptance of what we carry within us became catalysts for authentic transformation.

I learned that healing doesn't just mean the absence of illness, but also letting go of codependencies and toxic patterns inherited from our family past. Together, we created a space where each member of our family can accept their past and begin to build their own life, free from the burdens passed down from generation to generation.

Thus, our family becomes a place of healing and personal transformation, where each of us contributes to creating a new person with a new life. This journey has shown us that profound healing comes when we begin to release the burden of the past and create a future based on self-awareness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

The Vibrant Harmony of Healing: In Search of Pure Intent

In my universe, I've come to strongly believe that vibration is a powerful catalyst for healing. This subtle energy pulsating around us and within us has the power to influence not only our well-being but also the direction our lives take.

I wholeheartedly believe that intention, that pure spark from our hearts, is the force that sets our paths of destiny in motion. The clearer and purer the intention, the stronger its vibration becomes, a compelling call to what we wish to attract into our lives.

I've learned that this vibration is not just an abstract sensation but a tangible reality shaping what we experience. Every thought, every emotion is a note in the vibrational symphony of our lives. And here, in this vibrant harmony, lies the secret of healing.

In our quest to heal and shape our lives, intention becomes the beacon guiding us to limitless paths and opportunities. The more open and connected we are to this pure energy, the more our life becomes a journey of discovery, healing, and manifestation of our full potential.

So every day, I dedicate moments to cleanse and clarify my intentions. In this subtle alchemy of thoughts and heart, I open myself to the unlimited possibilities the universe offers and allow the healing vibration to pulse through every aspect of my life.

The Power of Transformation in the Quantum World of Healing

In seeking a deeper understanding of healing, I've explored the fascinating world of quantum medicine and epigenetics. I've come to the conviction that there are no diseases transmitted genetically in a fatalistic manner, but rather there's a subtle dance between our genes and the environment we live in.

Quantum medicine shows us that at the subatomic level, everything is energy and there's a subtle interconnection between every particle in the universe. In this paradigm, our thoughts, emotions, and intentions can directly influence this energy, thereby impacting how our genes are expressed.

Epigenetics, on the other hand, shows us that we're not prisoners of our genes. Genes can be activated or deactivated depending on our environment, including diet, lifestyle, and our mental and emotional state. It's as if we have considerable control over how we live our lives and how our genes are involved in healing processes.

By becoming aware of these aspects, I've understood that our approach to life and health can change the direction of our gene expression. In the quantum world, every positive thought, every healing emotion becomes paths of energy that can influence how our bodies respond and regenerate.

So, I've embraced this perspective with enthusiasm and brought into my healing and caring journey a profound awareness of the power we have to shape not only our future but also how our genes are involved in this journey of healing.

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